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For generations the name Veá has represented the highest level of quality for cultivation of olive trees and the production of excellent Extra Virgin Olive oils.

Today a member of Veá's family still maintains these principles and strives to surpass these levels each year. Veá has developed new extraction methods and, at the same time, rigorously preserved the traditional methods for harvesting and selecting. Today our goal is still to select only the better oils for bottling under our L'Estornell, VEÀ and Les Costes brands. Today our oils rank among the best in the world.

There are several factors that combined determine the quality and characteristics of a good olive oil. -the olive variety, the land, the harvesting, the climate, the care when collecting the olives, the hability at milling and the art of “coupage” or blending the olive juices. Above all however, there is the dedication of the producer and their persistant commitment to adhere to their own principals.

The unquestionnable integrity of the Veá Family affects each and every one of the steps in the creation and commercialization of their fine oils.


Avelino Veá and Josep Veá


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