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estornell olive oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Production: 60,000 liters
Olive variety: Arbequina 100%
Harvesting: 80% traditional, 20% intensive
Collection date: First 25 days of harvesting
Collection method: by hand through combing and vibration
Appearance: green color, impurity-free
- 500 ml. Crystal bottle. 6 x 500 ml box
- 5 liters can. 4 x 5 L. box.

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Two different Extra Virgin olive oils are bottled under the “L'Estornell” label. (L’Estornell is a Catalan bird that always shows up to "help" at harvest time). The two types of oil are produced are Extra Virgin olive and Organic Extra Virgin olive oil.

The "Arbequina" varietal originated in this area of the world. Located to the south of the province of Lleida and grows at an altitude of 400 meter. This varietal lives through very cold, foggy winters and extreme dry heat in summer. These factors make this oil hearty and one of the highest quality.

Veá has developed an unique cold extraction method with a very short milling time before the extraction, which helps to create an oil with lower peroxide levels and therefore a longer shelf life.

This oil is of a golden green color and it brings a fresh sensation with a mild spicy finish.




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