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FINE Sherry WINE Vinegar
Origin: Denomination of Origin Sherry Vinegar
Wall-plate: 1/24
Grapevines: Fine Palomino
Time in barrel: 25 years
Acidity: 7% CL
appears in bottle of 37.5 and boxes of 12 units.

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L'Estornell Reserva Sherry Wine Vinegar is produced from choice Palomino Fino, the primary grape of Spain's renowned sherries.

Aged in a solera of 24 oak casks, L'Estornell Reserva's aroma is pungent, its taste of nuts and ripe fruit delicately balanced by tangy acidity.

Enjoy its intense flavour as a dressing for greens, in warm salads, cooked dishes and as a companion to L'Estornell extra virgin oil.


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