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L'Estornell manzanilla olives
Sole ingredients: Selected Caper Berries, Hand-Picked in the wild & hand-marinated in white wine vinegar.
Packages: 200g. (drained weight)12 glass jars / case; 4kg. (drained weight) 2 plasic containers / case

Each one of these three varieties of olive represents one the best regions in Spain in which the finest table-oils are produced: Catalonia (Arbequina), Aragon (Farga Aragón) and Andalusia (Manzanilla). The best olives are carefully selected from the tree and are placed in water and salt for a minimum period of three months. Finally, they are rinsed with plenty of water and are bottled with fresh water, salt and various aromatic wild herbs.
An effervescent reaction may occur when opening. This reaction is normal since the olives are completely natural (no preservatives or chemical used).

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