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Estornell extra verge extra virgen
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Brand: L'Estornell Product: Virgin olive oil Extra
Zone of origin: Lleida/Tarragona/Alcañiz Production: 300,000 kg
Olive trees: Arbequina and Farga
Suppliers: 150 agriculturists
Presentations: 25 CL. , 50 CL, 75 CL. and 500 CL.
Date of production: of November to February
Period of conservation: 1 year (according to the law)

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The phrase “Extra-Virgin” indicates that an olive oil is of very low acidity and the highest quality, produced only by cold-pressing - the process which yields the fullest flavour, and the most delicate color and aroma.
L'Estornell Extra-Virgin Olive Oil consists only of extra-virgin oils, personally selected and blended by Avelino Veá to give an olive oil of exceptional fragrance and delicacy, suitable for dressing salads and for cooking special dishes. Every bottle is vintage-dared.



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