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Harvest vea 2014


Our Oils

  1. Les Costes 2014: 100% Arbequina Cold Extraction from our state of Les Costes.

  1. VEÀ Early Harvest: 100% Arbequina Cold Extraction.

  1. VEÀ Extra Virgin: 100% Arbequina Cold Extraction.

  2. L’Estornell Extra Virgin or Restaurant Quality:

    1. Arbequina First Cold Extraction.

    2. Arbequina Second Extraction.

    3. Picual.

  3. L’Estornell Organic: 100% Organic Arbequina Cold Extraction.
  1. L’Estornell arbequina (Nem): 100% Arbequina Cold Extraction.

Periodes of extraction:

Comments about the Harvest:

  1. Quality - There is not a big difference from the last year’s oils. This year the have been many problems with the plagues in most of the production places, but in our region we are glad we have a very hard clime. This is our best prevention for the plagues and thanks to this our olives are very healthy before the extraction. This is the most important thing for the extraction of a high quality extra virgin olive oil.
  2. Quantity - This year our harvest is being lower than our last one. But this will not be a problem to supply our customers.
  3. Harvest - The beginning of the harvest was by the end of October and the maturation of the olives has been very slow. Most of the olives have been harvested when they where green with will give more character to our oils. We also have had no very low temperatures during the harvest; this is also very good to get the olives in good conditions into the mill.

I hope you will like our oils.








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