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Harvest vea 2021

For the rest of the oils, our prevision is to start by October 25th. We think it's going to be a good harvest in terms of quantity. The biggest problem we have in our region is the small amount of rains during the summer period, and this year we have had some. This can affect the production of the olive trees with no irrigation and the size of the olives. With no rains or support irrigation, the olives are too small and the oil might have a woody taste. More and More, all the farmers around us are installing the support irrigation, so this is going to give us much more consistency.

We are not having problems with the fly, which is the main danger that can affect the quality of the oils, and very unusual in our region.


Improving of the extraction of the oil

Last year we changed all the reception infrastructures for the reception of the olives, all made of stainless steel. Now we separate all the leaves, and we are not using water. All this will help to improve the quality of the oil.

I eagerly await your opinions of the VEÀ Early Harvest this year, I hope you will enjoy our oils.











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