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Our caper are wild fruits that grow in the sun-drenched, mountainous areas of our region. Once selected, they are put in rock salt for a minimum of three months. Finally, before bottling, the salt is removed by rinsing the capers several times in fresh water and are then bottled, in their softened state, in white vinegar. No additives or preservatives are used. Capers can be eaten as an aperitif, with, purées, sauces, sautés and dressings, as an ingredients in pizza-toppings or they can be added to a martini or a Bloody Mary.

Sole ingredients: Selected Caper Berries, Hand-Picked in the wild & hand-marinated in white wine vinegar.
Packages: 200g. (drained weight)
12 glass jars / case; 4kg. (drained weight)
2 plasic containers / case


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